Key West Offshore Fishing  :

 There is an old saying that when you leave to go fishing form Key West, you’re already 150 miles out to sea. Because our unique island chain extends so far from the mainland, we don’t have to travel as far as boats from  many other areas to find quality fishing. The beautiful blue waters of the gulfstream are not stationary, but at times they are no more than 6 miles offshore. Less travel time means more fishing time for the customers


Key West Offshore Fishing

Key West Fishing -

The Best Destination for Deep Sea Fishing

These waters are home to a large number of pelagic fish, Sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin all call these waters home. Generally speaking, different fish are more common different times of year. Because of this, Key West offers year round quality fishing.  

Wahoo caught fishing Key West on charte boat Southbound

Key West has become one of the top destinations for Sailfish. These feisty fighters are the most common billfish found in the Keys waters. Averaging approximately 7 ft in length, Sailfish are found on and along the reef in good numbers from the fall through the spring. Trolling and live baiting are both effective ways to entice a Sailfish to strike and once they do, the fun begins. Sailfish are known for blistering runs, dramatic jumps and incredible tail walking. The visual excitement of is an added bonus for anglers looking for a challenge. On the Southbound I prefer to live bait for Sailfish whenever possible and 20lb. spinning tackle is our preferred choice of tackle. I feel Live bait provides a better all around fishing experience for my customers.

Sailfish Jumping in Key West Florida



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